I liked the technique of using the dog's intelligence and natural behavior and positive reinforcement to shape desired behaviors. Plus, the clicker training allows us to choose what we would like to have our dog do rather than a prescribed set of behaviors. It's like teaching a man to fish so he can feed himself rather than just giving him a fish when he is hungry. We can apply this method to shape any behavior. Debbie was extremely professional, knowledgeable and patient. We really felt like we received the training to know how to work with our dog for his whole lifetime, not just for the sessions. We learned a lot about dog psychology and motivation that helped changed our incorrect beliefs. It was fascinating to see how quickly our dog could attain the desired action.

Linda I.
Ellicott City, MD
The one on one training was a great way to learn what we were doing wrong with training and get more effective ways. We have seen improvement in Daisy since our training session.

Shannon H.
Eldersburg, MD
The clicker method was easy to understand and we saw immediate results! I'd been working on training Luigi to sit on command for months. Debbie had him trained to sit within 30 min. It was truly remarkable. It was obvious from the outset that this would be the training method which would cure our pugs of inappropriate behavior. Food is a huge motivator. We could see Luigi's brain trying to process the concept that if he hears the clicker, he's doing something right and will get a treat. You could just see it in his

Nika H.
Silver Spring, MD

I have two 6-year old miniature dachshunds that have had some behavior issues (to say the least). After speaking with Debbie at length about my problems with them, she agreed to come and spend a little time with us to see their behavior. She explained why they were behaving the way they were and
showed me how to work with them to improve their behavior. Debbie uses a gentle, positive reinforcement training technique. It is obvious that she loves dogs and wants the best for both
the dogs and their owners. I was very pleased by the results and I would highly recommend Debbie to anyone who desires a better quality lifestyle with their dogs.

Dixie S.
Phoenix, MD

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Debbie. She arrived on time for our appointment, was knowledgeable and patient with my dogs and me. I was particularly impressed with her ability to connect with my dog Sophie, who is highly reactive. Debbie clearly has a talent with dogs. Furthermore, Debbie had confidence in my ability to continue our training without her - she did not encourage me to schedule any more sessions right away without working with my dogs on my own for awhile. And it turns out that she was right - I'm having a good time working with my dogs on my own and am actually seeing improvement in both dogs.

Kim J.
Baltimore, MD
Lulu & Gracie
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