At The Canine Clique we use only positive reinforcement training methods. We pair the use of classical and operant conditioning in order to build, strengthen and or modify behavior. Unlike many methods which use force, corrections and fear of punishment as a means to get behavior, we focus on rewarding good behaviors and choose not to reinforce the unwanted ones.By teaching dogs to choose good behaviors instead of threatening, coercing or even bribing them, these behaviors become more reliable and our dogs are happier.

Communication is the key component in training any animal. Since our dogs don’t understand English (although sometimes we think they do) we use a marker signal to let the dog know when he has performed the behavior we desire. This marker (usually a clicker) is followed by something the dog really likes. This can be a favorite treat, a toy, play, or an opportunity to perform another fun activity. The marker is used only when teaching new behaviors, so don’t think you will need to carry a clicker with you forever. Once your dog has a clear understanding of what we are asking him to do, he will happily perform any cue because he enjoys doing the behavior itself. The positive reinforcement method results in a fun and rewarding training experience in which you and your dog become a confident team and achieve a deep level of trust, learning and communication. This scientifically proven method will result in positive solutions for everything from common behavioral problems such as jumping on your visitors to complex behaviors such as tricks and competitive sports.

Training happens every day, all day, with each interaction you and your dog share. Therefore, YOU are the greatest trainer your dog will ever have. Our goal is to provide YOU with the knowledge and tools to train your dog and to overcome behavioral challenges now and in the future for the lifetime you will share together. Of course, this does not mean that working with us is a one way street. On the contrary, it is quite the opposite. We focus on individual training plans tailored for each dog and owner in order to make sure you have one -on-one instruction and daily support for questions through phone and email contact. We are committed to providing positive solutions for your training needs for a happy lifetime with your dog.
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